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The step of peanut oil press machine equipment
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The step of peanut oil press machine equipment: machine temperature rose to 180 degrees Celsius, peanut wok fry until slightly yellow pan hot pressing oil, white bread, large or long strip. Under normal circumstances, peanut and does not have what problem, but if the improper operation of equipment or machine squeezed oil quality is not good use of time long, there will be some problems.

For example:
(1) The main reason is the oil return oil line blocked, available iron knocking material side pressing bar, dredge oil line; other cooking add water to make fried peanuts in some elasticity, which can avoid this phenomenon.
(2) The main bread and fried peanut is low temperature, should be fast fried in peanut will increase when the fire temperature increase, timely pressing.
(3) Vacuum pump fuel injection phenomena due to long time filtration, resulting in vacuum expression to the limit, can be seen from the window of oil foam rising, if continued the filter, will be pumping oil into the gas bag, vacuum pump and vacuum pump suction from the exhaust hole nozzle, causing oil yield decreased, this phenomenon should be vacuum pump stop, the vacuum gauge was reduced to -0.09, and then continue to work.

The correct use of peanut oil press equipment is very important, it is recommended that customers read carefully before using the manual, characteristic and operation method with oil press equipment. In addition, before starting, must conduct a comprehensive inspection, not loose fasteners, handle flexible rotating, rotating pulley by hand, all moving parts should be normal, no abnormal sound, then fill in the reducer 30# oil. At the end of each shift, the machine should be cleared of residual cake, clean the surface dust, grease machine production. After the end of the season should be stored for a long time, a maintenance, and the screw pressing bar, a doughnut, and re oiling and put in a dry place.


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