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peanut oil Deodorization process
Deodorization was based on triglycerides and effects of oil flavor, odor, color and stability of the "odor" volatility exists very big difference, in the high temperature, high vacuum conditions, with water vapor distillation principle in the process of odorous substances to be removed.Currently used deodorization technology and process mainly includes: raw oil degassing preheating, access to the necessary direct steam, deodorization oil temperature rising and reduce the pressure to ensure the high vacuum residue, maintain effective deodorization time, heat exchange, vacuum cooling and distillate capture and recycle, etc.
Process and operating conditions:
Deodorization process Capacity/(t/d) Deodorizing time/min Heat recovery/% Stripping steam/%(400Pa) Conversion degree of mixing species/% Application Features
Semi-continuous plate tower 50-300 60-180 20-60 2-5 1-1.5 Suitable replacement for multi-species; demanding control; higher operating investment costs
Continuous plate tower 50-500 45-80 60-85 1.5-2 2 Not suitable for sensitive physical oil refining; easy to operate, less maintenance; high large investment
Continuous packed column 20-1350 15-40 60-85 0.4-0.8 3 Neutral oil consumption is low; not suitable for easy coking and glue mixed feedstock; sensitive to air leakage; the frequent repair and maintenance

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